Year 7 History Lesson Resources

The Year 7 History lessons use the KS3 SHP textbook, click the icon to view it on Amazon
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Topic 1 - Introduction to History CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £9
1. What is history?
2. How do we understand time?
3. Can we trust all historical evidence? SAMPLE LESSON
4. History Benchmark Test    

Topic 2 - The Norman Conquest CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £31
1. Who were the contenders to the throne in 1066? SAMPLE LESSON
  1. 2. How prepared were the English and the Normans for battle?
    3. What happened at the Battle of Hastings?
    4. Why did Willaim win the Battle of Hastings?
    5. William Assessment
    6. What problems did William face after 1066? SAMPLE LESSON
    7. What was the Feudal System?
    8. What was the Domesday Book?
    9. Why were Motte and Bailey castles built?
    10. What are the features of a stone square keep castle? SAMPLE LESSON
    11. Why did the design of castles change through time?
    12. How and why did Castles change from 1150-1500?
    13/14/15/16. Warwick Castle Pupil Led Enquiry
    Topic 3 - Life in a Medieval Village CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £11
    1. How has medieval life been portrayed?
    2. What was life like in a medieval village?
    3. What happened in a peasant's year?
    4. What was life like for the rich in the Middle Ages?
    5. Victor the Villein Assessment
  2. Topic 4 - Medieval Religion CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £11
    1. How religious were people in the Middle Ages?
    2. How would you get to heaven in the Middle Ages?
    3. Why did Thomas Becket die?
    4. Who was to blame for the death of Becket?
    5. Medieval Church Assessment


Topic 5 - The Black Death CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £7
1. What was the Black Death?
2. What did people think caused the Black Death?
3. What were the consequences of the Black Death?

Topic 6 - The Peasants' Revolt CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £8
1. How did the Peasants' Revolt begin?
2. Why did the peasants revolt in 1381?
3/4. How did the Peasants' Revolt end?

Topic 7 - King John and the Magna Carta CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £9
1. Who was King John?
2. What was the Magna Carta?
3. Was King John really a bad king?
4. Who was Robin Hood?

Topic 8 - Islamic Civilisation CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £34
1. How has Islamic Civilisation been portrayed?
2/3. What was Arabia like before Islam?
4. Whow as Muhammad?
5. What are the five pillars of Islam?
6. Why did Islam spread?
7. What was life like in an Islamic city?
8. What did Islamic people live in?
9. How can sources give us clues about life in an Islamic city?
10. What was traded in Islamic civilisation? SAMPLE LESSON
11. How did Caravanserais look after travellers?
12. What happens during the Hajj?
13. What does the market tell us about the Islamic world?
14. What were the Crusades?
15. How were the Crusades fought?  
16. Do Richard 'the Lionheart' and Saladin 'the Merciful' really deserve
their titles of honour?