Year 8 History Lesson Resources

The Year 8 History lessons use these two KS3 SHP textbooks, click the icons to view them on Amazon
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Topic 1 - English Society in the 1500s CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £18
1. How does modern England compare to England in the 1500s?
2. How was society divided in the 1500s?
3. What were the countries of Great Britain like in the 1500s?
4. How did social groups in the 1500s differ?
5. Were poor people in the 16th century really poor?
6. Why were poor people poor in the 16th century?
7. What was married life like in the 16th and 17th centuries?
8. Why did Samuel Pepys treat his wife like he did?

Topic 2 - The Tudors CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £20
1. How do Catholics and Protestants differ?
2. Why did Martin Luther protest against the Catholic Church in 1517?
3. How did Henry VIII deal with his problems?
4. How did Henry VIII dissolve the monasteries?
5. Could Queen Mary make England Catholic again?
6. How bloody was 'Bloody Mary'? SAMPLE LESSON
7. What were the secrets of Elizabeth's success?
8. What did Elizabeth I look like?
9. Tudors Assessment

Topic 3 - The Stuarts and the Civil War CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £21
1. What was the Gunpowder Plot?
2. Were the Catholics framed in the Gunpowder Plot?
3. How might the divine right of kings have caused the Civil War?
4. How could money have started the English Civil War?
5. How might religion have caused the English Civil War?
6. Why did Parliament feel threatened by Charles I?
7. How was the English Civil War triggered?
8. What caused the English Civil War?
9. What was life like in the Civil War?
10. Who fought whom in the English Civil War?
Topic 4 - The Execution of Charles I CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £10
1. How did Charles I die?
2/3. Trial and Execution of Charles I Assessment
4. Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or villain?
5. What happened to Cromwell's head?

Topic 5 - London in the 1600s CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £6
1. How did they treat the plague in 1348?
2. Did people know any more about the plague in 1665 than in 1348?
3. Was the Great Fire of London 'a blessing in disguise'?


Topic 6 - The Industrial Revolution CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £34
1. How did the Industrial Revolution change Britain?
2. How did Britain change between 1750 and 1900?
3. Why did Liverpool and Manchester need a railway?
4/5/6. Why did so many move to towns during the Industrial Revolution?
7. How did new inventions help the textile industry?
8. What made Josiah Wedgwood successful? SAMPLE LESSON
9. Why was Richard Arkwright successful?
10. Why did children work in factories during the Industrial Revolution?
11. How useful are sources in telling us about children in the factories?
12. How bad were working class living conditions?
13. How did steam engines help industry?
14. Why did Samuel Greg build a cotton spinning mill in 1784?
15/16/17. Quarry Bank Mill Assessment

Topic 7 - British Empire and Slavery CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £13
1. Where was the British Empire?
2. Why did Britain's slave trade start?
3. How bad were conditions for the slaves?
4. Was the British Empire a good or a bad thing?
5/6. Why was British industry so successful?

Topic 8 - Getting the Vote in the 1800s CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £11
1. How is democracy different today to the 1820s?
2. What was wrong with democracy in the 1820s?
3. Why did people become Chartists in the 1830s? SAMPLE LESSON
4. How did the Chartists try to achieve their aims? SAMPLE LESSON
5. Who was Lydia Becker?

Topic 9 - Jack the Ripper CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £11
1. What was law and order like during the 19th century?
2. What was the East End of London like in 1888?
3. Who were the victims of Jack the Ripper? SAMPLE LESSON
4. Who really was Jack the Ripper?
5. Jack the Ripper Assessment