Year 9 History Lesson Resources

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Topic 1 - The First World War CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £44
1. What were some of the main events of the 20th century?
2. How prepared were the great powers for war in 1914?
3. What were the long term causes of the First World War?
4. What happened on 28th June 1914?
5. Why did the Schlieffen Plan fail?
6. What were the trenches?
7. What were the conditions like in the trenches?
8. Why was information censored during World War One?
9/10/11. What was life like in the trenches?
12. Why did so many men join up to fight during WW1?
13. Why did Wilf Smith join the Durham Light Infantry?
14. What major battles were fought during World War One?
15. Was Haig the 'Butcher of the Somme'?
16. How reliable is Blackadder in telling us about World War One?
17. How were animals used during the First World War?
18. Why did Germany lose the First World War? SAMPLE LESSON
19. Why did countries disagree at the Treaty of Versailles
20/21/22. Was the Treaty of Versailles harsh or fair?

Topic 2 - Hitler and Nazi Germany CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £18
1. How is dictatorship and democracy different? SAMPLE LESSON
2. How did Hitler develop a cult of personality?
3. Why did the Germans vote for Hitler?
4. How did the Nazis use terror to control people?
5/6. How did the Nazis use propaganda to control people?
7. How far did everyone benefit from Nazi rule?
8. What was Adolf Hitler's Facebook profile like? SAMPLE LESSON
9. Why did Europe appease Hitler?

Topic 3 - The Second World War CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £35
1/2. What was the Second World War?
3. How did evacuation affect evacuees?
4. What were the problems with evacuation?
5. Were the events of Dunkirk a triumph or a disaster?
6/7. What happened at Dunkirk?
8. Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain?
9. How were the British people affected by World War Two?
10/11. What was it like to live during the Second World War?
12. How was "the heart torn out of the German Army"?
13. How is Nazi propaganda misleading about Jews?
14. How did life change for Jews after the Nazis came to power?
15. How were the 'undesirables' exterminated by the Nazis?
16. How did the Allies win the war in Europe?
17. What happened on 6th August 1945?
18. Why were the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945?


Topic 4 - The Cold War Era CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £20
1. What was the 'Iron Curtain'?
2. What were the main features of the Cold War?
3. Why was Berlin important during the Cold War?
4/5. Why was America defeated in Vietnam? SAMPLE LESSON
6. Why was there a crisis about Cuba in 1962?
7/8. Why did African-Americans demand civil rights in the 1960s?
9. Who was Mahatma Gandhi?
10. Mahatma Gandhi Facebook Profile Activity

Topic 5 - The Assassination of Kennedy CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £12
1. Who might have killed John F Kennedy?
2. Why was Lee Harvey Oswald accused of killing JFK?
3. 'The Day the Dream Died' Film - with question sheet and answers
4. Should we be doubtful of the Warren Commission?
5/6/7. The Assassination of JFK Project

Topic 6 - Terrorism CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: £11
1. Why should we learn about terrorism? 
2. Why did 'the Troubles' in Northern Ireland last so long?
3. Is there any solution to terrorism? SAMPLE LESSON
4. What happened on September 11, 2001?
5. What happened after the September 11 terrorist attack?